Expo Hostel Ori  営業種別: 簡易宿所営業

許可番号: 京都市指令保保医第 644 号  許可年月日: 平成27年12月25日

Expo Hostel Nishi  営業種別: 簡易宿所営業

許可番号: 京都市指令保保医第 90 号  許可年月日: 平成27年6月9日

Expo Cottage1  営業種別: 簡易宿所営業

許可番号: 京都市指令保保医第 1359 号  許可年月日: 平成28年1月12日

Expo Cottage2  営業種別: 簡易宿所営業

許可番号: 京都市指令保保医第 1378 号  許可年月日: 平成29年1月16日

Expo Cottage3  営業種別: 簡易宿所営業

許可番号: 京都市指令保医セ第 315号  許可年月日: 平成29年1月16日

Expo Cottage船-fune-  営業種別: 簡易宿所営業

許可番号: 京都市指令保医セ第 50号  許可年月日: 平成31年4月22日

Expo hostel 2house 7rooms!



The names of the 7 rooms are the names of the colors in Japanese. It represents the personality of that room without the same color.^^

Expo Hostel 西 -nishi- 3rooms

Everything started from here. Hostel 西Nishi has 3 rooms, gold, navy and red. Toilets and showers are shared, and every room has a washbasin. The kitchen is just around the corner in a Hostel 織Ori (a 30 second walk).
The color of the name of the room is used on the door of each room.

Room1金 -KIN- twin room

金: KIN = gold  1st floor,

      Twin bedroom
The interior is decorated with an original color shoji (Japanese inner window) made with a variety of washi papers pasted one by one in a calm atmosphere, and a tatami bench like a seat.
This room is the only room in the Hostel with a private toilet.
In addition, there is a sink and a fridge in the room.

Room Equipment


​Common space



Room2 紺 -KON- Single room

紺: KON = navy  half-2nd floor, 

      Semi double bed room
Spacious bed with relaxing lighting, an open atmosphere and high ceiling. There is a one-seat chair, an indoor washbasin and a refrigerator.
* This room can accommodate two people for an additional charge

Room Equipment


​Common space

+¥1,000 (1person additional fee)



Room3 赤 -AKA- Twin bed 

赤: AKA = red   2nd floor

      Twin bedroom
There is a large tatami space in a calm and spacious atmosphere, the sunlight is comfortable.
 We prepare kotatsu (heated table) in the winter.
There is a washbasin and fridge in the room.

Room Equipment


​Common space



​Common space

A washing machine, shower and toilet are on the first floor.
The kitchen can be used in the annex Ori (30 seconds walk).