Expo Cottage 船 -fune-

House Epuipment

Cottage船 - 2Bedroom luxury big space!

Expo Cottage船-Fune- is located on the hot street, name “Kuramaguchi st”. This street starts from Shimogamo-shrine(下鴨神社) to Golden-temple(金閣寺). Especially at around here, there are quite a lot of unique shops and restaurants. For example, [ Sarasa cafe ] was “Sento(public bath)“ using some beautiful tiles and still you can be and drink cafe in a old special atmosphere. / [ Funaoka Onsen ] has historical public bath since 1923 and loved by local people and tourists. Besides a supermarket, a delicious Japanese local restaurant and a bar along the street. In front of the cottage, there is a famous bakery shop and you can smell nice if you open the window.

Cottage船-Fune- was renovated by mixed culture - traditional and modern. It’s based on a traditional wooden house with colorful modern wallpaper, floor heating and motion sensor lighting. You may feel in a modern but traditional museum. We make this cottage with a lots of love for your wonderful trip!:) There are two bed rooms, wash bowl and toilets on each floor. It must be important for a family or group in a house since you can get a private space. We chose the best mattress for your good sleep after exploring the city. You can stay here up to 6 people.

Capacity Max 6people

More than 2people+¥2,000 (1person additional fee)

Cottage船 -fune-

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Expo Hostel Ori  営業種別: 簡易宿所営業

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許可番号: 京都市指令保医セ第 50号  許可年月日: 平成31年4月22日