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Welcome to Expo Hostel & Cottage!!

Hi, our hostel is managing  by manager Yusuke and designer Mariko .,Reliable staffs and 3 cats (Ma-suke, Ki-suke, and Haitai).Our hostel is located in Nishijin, Kyoto. Nishijin is a traditional Japanese fabric dyeing production area called “Nishijin Ori". Weaving machine noises can be heard echoing from somewhere in the neighborhood during the day, and kimono bands etc. are being produced in the daytime as well. From our place, you can experience the authentic life of people living in Kyoto today, which has a totally different feel from the downtown area. In the vicinity there are main tourist spots such as Daitokuji, Kinkakuji, and the famous public bath Funaoka Onsen which has been open for more than about 100 years. Also, there is the famous cafe Nishijin Salasa, and other tasty Izakaya and stylish bars nearby. In all, this is an interesting neighborhood where it is fun to experience the main sightseeing spots as well as local spots too ^ ^ It's quiet and safe here. You can experience the real life of Kyoto.

We want to communicate with you like friends.^^

Welcome to our Expo hostel & Cottage!! Please, enjoy today.



What is Expo Hostel & Cottage?

Expo hostel manages 2 houses in a total of 7 rooms, and Cottage manages 4 houses .These houses have all been newly and artfully renovated by ourselves as an accommodation facility from older Japanese houses. For renovation, we utilized the original materials such as the antique doors, leaving the atmosphere of good old Japan, and we incorporated contemporary elements using pop wallpaper, brightly colored washi paper and ornate motifs. We aim to design spaces which enhance the simple beauty of Japanese design and create a colorful, welcoming, and fun environment. ^ ^

Expo Hostel


Private room stay!


We have created 2 hostels, first Hostel Nishi and then Hostel Ori. There are 7 rooms in total. There is also a kitchen in the common area. You are free to cook using ingredients you bought at supermarkets nearby. Expo Hostel rooms are all private rooms, there are no dormitory rooms.

It is recommended for people who want to relax and enjoy traveling, people in the flash packer, etc.

The names on 7 rooms are the names of the colors in Japanese respectively. It represents the personality of that room without the same color.

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Expo Cottage


Entire home stay!


We have four Cottages (Cottage 1, Cottage 2,  Cottage 3, and Cottage 船-fune-). They are all renovated Japanese “machi-ya” old-style houses built over 100 years ago. The lodging facility is refurbished with a contemporary design based on practicality, such as a big kitchen, while taking advantage of antiquity. While you are here, the house is completely yours to enjoy ^ ^ Relax without worrying about anything. Recommended for couples, small groups, families with children.

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Thank you for coming!!
Our wish is that you have a wonderful time!!

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